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    DIY Kombucha – Kombucha Brewing Supplies

    How to brew kombucha - Humm Kombucha

    The kombucha community has a unique culture (see what we did there ;). We like to create, adventure, dream big and enjoy the fruits of our labors.?

    In the spirit of hand crafted goodness, people often?want to learn how to brew kombucha at home. Well you came to the right place! In this first kombucha tutorial, we are going to discuss the kombucha brewing supplies you’ll need to get started, and the best kombucha recipe for for home brewing.

    Must Have Kombucha Brewing Supplies

    When drinking a bottle of Humm Kombucha?and considering how to brew kombucha at home, it can be easy to think, “from what magical world does this tantalizing liquid hale – Hogwarts? Middle-Earth? Westeros?” And while the taste may be fit for a wizard, King, or Khaleesi, the best kombucha recipe and kombucha brewing supplies are very worldly.

    When considering the kombucha brewing supplies you’ll need, the basics are universal for whatever variation of kombucha you want to craft. Below is a list and picture of our suggestions for what a kombucha home brewing setup should include:

    • 1 gallon glass container for brewing
    • Breathable cloth (muslin works great) and rubber band to cover glass container
    • Reusable tea bags or tea ball
    • Water heater or stove
    • Wooden or stainless steel spoon
    • SCOBY and starter tea (these are part of the ingredients too)

    Kombucha Brewing Supplies - Humm Kombucha

    What is listed above are the basic requirements for kombucha brewing supplies. Some additional goodies you may find useful are:

    • Heating strip for brewing container (not pictured?but found at Kombucha Kamp)
    • pH meter or strips
    • Fine colander or strainer
    • Glass container for storing and serving kombucha

    Extra Kombucha Brewing Supplies - Humm Kombucha

    After you have gathered the kombucha brewing supplies, it’s time to find the best kombucha recipe that will leave you Humming.

    The Best Kombucha Recipe for You

    There are many factors to consider when crafting your kombucha recipe. What tea will taste best? How much sugar should I use? Where do I get my magical fairy dust?

    Listed below is the basic ingredients that you’ll need for nearly every kombucha brewing recipe:

    • 1 gallon distilled or purified water
    • 1 cup of white or raw?sugar
    • Plenty of black, green, and/or white tea (not flavored tea)
    • About 1 cup of starter kombucha or white vinegar
    • SCOBY (kombucha culture)
    • Fruit, spices, and/or juices for flavoring

    Best Kombucha Recipe - Humm Kombucha

    Brew Kombucha To Make You Happy

    Now you’re set! Now?take a trip down to Diagon Alley, gather your supplies and harness your creative magic. That’s the best part about brewing kombucha at home – the brew is yours to create and experiment with! Check out the next steps?with our?DIY Kombucha – How to Make Kombucha!